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Software für die Triamec Beckhoff-TwinCAT Integration

In diesem Archiv finden Sie den aktuellen Software Release sowie die älteren Releases zum herunterladen. Die PLC Release Files enthalten den Beckhoff Triamec TAM Integration Code.

Aktueller Release (3.7.4)

application/zip PLC Release 3.7.4 (6,5 MiB)

application/pdf ReleaseNotes 3.7.4 (94,7 KiB)

  • TL_MC_HOME supports drive controlled homing for TSD drives (FW>2087)
  • Function blocks for direct feed re-sampling added
  • Support 24V digitalInput for homing of TSD-drives (same as for old drives) (latching not in drive, but in Twincat)
  • Support for absolute Endat with TSDxxx EncoderPersistency, ReferenceDone, Digital Encoder Signals
  • (see releaseNotes for details)

Aktueller Release (3.1.0 TC3; 3.0.5 TC2)

application/zip PLC Release 3.1.0 (6,0 MiB)

application/pdf ReleaseNotes 3.1.0 (89,7 KiB)

  • TSD80 support TC3: add register layout 19 MC_AXIS.register2 and support for double
  • (see releaseNotes for details)

Release 3.0

application/zip PLC Release 3.0 (5,7 MiB)

application/pdf ReleaseNotes 3.0 (85,2 KiB)

  • Support for TwinCat3, Compatibility changes for TwinCat3
  • Diagnostic logfile generated on axis errors available ...
  • (see releaseNotes for details)