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Firmware: TSD80, TSD85, TSD130 und TSD350

Für die Produkte TSD80, TSD85, TSD130 Hardware Revision 4 und TSD350 der Hardware Revision 0 finden Sie hier den aktuellen Firmware Build sowie ältere Firmware Builds zum herunterladen.

Aktuelle Firmware 4.2.0

application/zip BuildTc4 4.2.0 (25,2 MiB)

application/pdf ReleaseNotes Tc4-4.2.0 (85,5 KiB)

  • this firmware update is mandatory for all TSD drive types.
  • units mm and degree possible now
  • changed Ecat Homing
  • MANDATORY fix: MotorPeakCurrent > DrivePeakCurrent can cause hardware damage
  • fixed FW update of an Option module in backup-mode
  • ...
  • (see releaseNotes for details)


Firmware 4.1.2

application/zip BuildTc4 4.1.2 (25,2 MiB)

application/pdf ReleaseNotes Tc4-4.1.2 (75,8 KiB)

  • Support for TSD350 and for TSD80/TSD130 Rev.4
  • Comissioning over Ethernet
  • EtherCAT eeprom station alias
  • EtherCAT did not lock in DcSlave situations
  • DigitalEndat is now downsampled in the position controller
  • backlash compensation based on PT2
  • USB: mass storage for firmware update
  • ...
  • (see releaseNotes for details)


Firmware: TSD80, TSD130 und MCI42

Für die Triamec Produkte TSD und MCI der Hardware Revisionen 0..3 können die aktuelle Firmware sowie die älteren Firmware Builds auf Anfrage bei Triamec bezogen werden.


Aktuelle Firmware 3.1.2

application/pdf ReleaseNotes TSD-3.1.2 (86,7 KiB)

  • Computing Time errors fixed
  • Sensorless mode
  • Improved short detection during enable (FPGA 2074)
  • Dual Encoder Homing and SetPosition
  • ...
  • (see releaseNotes for details)


Firmware Build_FW2096_FF2202

application/pdf ReleaseNotes FW2096 FF2202 (88,6 KiB)

  • Global Trigger allows flexible trigger selection for the positions latch feature
  • High resolution PWM
  • Support Motor Temperature Sensor Type “KTY83”
  • ...
  • (see releaseNotes for details)


Firmware Build_FW2087_FF2148

application/pdf ReleaseNotes FW2087 FF2148 (87,9 KiB)

  • Support for TSD80 HR02 and HR03
  • Support for TSD130 HR03
  • Support for TSD80 / TSD130 EtherCat
  • Limit switch and Homing modules
  • Optimized USB driver
  • ...
  • (see releaseNotes for details)


Firmware Build_FW2077_FF2088

application/pdf ReleaseNotes FW2077 FF2088 (85,4 KiB)

  • support for TSD80 HR01 and HR02
  • stop support for old register access method
  • (see releaseNotes for details)

Firmware Build_FW2076_FF2086

application/pdf ReleaseNotes FW2076 FF2086 (90,8 KiB)

  • absolute register concept improves reverse compatibility (including URI persistence)
  • rework on encoder interface
  • PWM with option module TOU1 with axis.commands.general.optionModuleStream
  • fixed some bugs
  • (see releaseNotes for details)

Firmware Build_FW2071_FF1471

application/pdf ReleaseNotes FW2071 FF1471 (89,3 KiB)

  • this is a mandatory Firmware update.
  • new controller structure.
  • persistent localbus
  • (see releaseNotes for details)