Available Jobs

Triamec develops and produces 100kHz ultra-precision servo drives, from electronic boards to firmware and software, making cutting-edge machines possible. In cooperation with customers and research institutes we are always looking for the technological challenge, the even more precise, even faster drive.

In independent tests, our drives exceed the speed and precision of the best. Customers in ultra-precision manufacturing achieve sub-atomic standstill noise and Ra <0.2nm (±1Atom) roughness. Semiconductor inspection machines using Triamec Servo Drives move 5mm steps into a ±50nm window in under 30ms (50m/s2, 6kg moving mass).

Founded in 2001, our company is fully owned by its management. We are a team of experts where everyone is fully committed to working together.

Our team language is German. We also speak English fluently.

For currently open positions refer to the German version of this page.