Precision Delta Robots

Asyril Delta-Robot with Triamec Servo-Drives
Asyril Delta-Robot with Triamec Servo-Drives

High-precision, direct-driven Delta robots such as the DesktopDelta from Asyril SA achieve excellent characteristics with Triamec Servo-Drives, the best proof of very high control stiffness:

  • ±2.0μm (3σ) Accuracy
  • 3 cycles per second with a load of 350g and 20-250-20mm travel
  • Working area Ø350mm x 60mm

Three TS151s are used to control the three axes. The inverse kinematics, path planning and workspace monitoring is programmed in Tama and is executed in real time on a TLC100-PCI adapter card. The controlling Windows PC is freed from all real-time requirements.

Using the pulse-train output option of the servo drive, a theta axis is integrated via a small servo drive.