High Frequency Spindle

Eitzenberger high frequency spindle, air bearing
Eitzenberger high frequency spindle, air bearing

With 3-level 100kHz PWM technology, Triamec TSP servo drives are perfectly suited for high-frequency spindles, especially for positionable ones. The high clock frequency enables clean, low-loss sine wave commutation even at high speeds.

Traditionally, 2-pole-pair motors are used in spindles, because otherwise the rotating field frequency exceeds the capabilities of typical servo drives. Triamec Servo-Drives now also allow the use of multi-pole motors, with the following advantages:

  • Higher torque with the same construction volume
  • Lower costs

Magnetic sin/cos sensors are particularly well suited as position encoders, which, when evaluated analogously, ensure a usably high resolution. If the counting frequency of analog sensors exceeds the input bandwidth of 500kHz, they can also be digitally evaluated up to 5MHz with the EH hardware option module.

To further minimize motor losses, Triamec offers sine wave filters (TF series).