Universal Input/Output Controllers

Triamec TIO I/O-Controllers
Triamec TIO I/O-Controllers

TIO products are available for special tasks such as dual-loop control, speed-proportional laser PWM control, temperature control and position control with pulse-train servo drives. The TIO controllers have analog and digital inputs and outputs as well as encoder inputs and pulse train outputs. The connection to a host PC is made via the fast, Ethernet-based Tria-Link. They can also be operated independently, without a network.

Sequential controllers, higher-level controllers and axis couplings can be programmed in Microsoft® C# using Tama in the TIO. On the PC side, drivers are available under Windows for Microsoft® C# and Beckhoff TwinCAT. The Windows software TAM System Explorer enables convenient access to all Triamec devices and their registers, which can also be recorded at a sampling rate of up to 100kHz.

In addition to the standard products, customer-specific versions can also be offered - the concept is very flexible, e.g. even for simple I/Os with the connectors you use. Please contact us for further information.


  • 4 analog inputs 16Bit/50kHz with 16-fold oversampling and filter (only in TIO-A)
  • 4 analog outputs 16Bit/50kHz with 16-fold oversampling and filter (only in TIO-A)
  • 8 digital outputs 24V/1A, pulse width modulated
  • 24 digital inputs 24V, filtered
  • 2 digital encoders
  • 2 rotation-direction outputs
  • 8 TTL inputs/outputs
  • 2 universal PID controllers 50kHz with 5 filter blocks each
  • Synchronizable with other units
  • freely programmable in 10kHz cycle


  • Time synchronous measurements e.g. for frequency response analysis, test stands
  • Integration of sensors in a machine control system
  • Speed proportional laser PWM control
  • Control of drives with speed or  
  • Pulsetrain input; dual-loop controls

Technical Data

Analog inputs - 4 independent, galvanically isolated and 24VDC safe analog inputs
Range: ±10V, impedance: >60kΩ (for 0.. 10VDC: >100kΩ)
Resolution: 16Bit, max. INL: 1.5LSB
Sampling: 800kHz, 16- or 80-fold oversampling
Filtering: pass band: 7.3kHz or 2kHz
Analog outputs - 4 independent, galvanically isolated and 24VDC safe analog outputs
Range: ±10V, load: ≥1kΩ
Resolution: 16 bits, max. INL: 1.5 LSB
Sampling: 800kHz, 16- or 80-fold oversampling
Filtering: pass band: 7.3kHz or 2kHz
Digital inputs 24, galvanically isolated; Range: nominal 0...24V, max. 29V digital inputs
Standard: IEC61131 type 1 and 3; Filtering: 1µs - 0.6s programmable
Digital outputs 8, galvanically isolated; Range: 0...24V, 1A, low-side switch digital outputs
PWM: 3 point mode with 8bit resolution; 100% PWM-time programmable
Encoder inputs 2 encoder inputs; Power supply: 5.1V, 500mA for both connectors together; Standards: RS-422/485 (EnDat 2.2, BiSS), TTL; Pulse frequency: 2MHz max., glitch and FIR filtering
Pulse-Train outputs 2 pulse-train outputs; Standard: RS-422, TTL; up to 20MHz; Modes: Pulse-Direction, Encoder, Pulse-Pulse, PWM; Input: Velocity or Position; Sampling: up to 100kHz, configurable
TTL inputs/outputs 8 inputs/outputs, 3.3V LVTTL, 5V tolerant
ESD protection IEC61000-4-2 ±8kV contact / ±15kV air gap
Controller 2 PID controllers 50kHz with 5 filter blocks;
path planning, jerk limited and reprogrammable
Logic supply 24VDC ±15% @ 350mA max.
Communication Tria-Link 200Mbps, Host(PC) and Drive-to-Drive communication
Host (PC) connection PCI-/PCI-express plug-in card TLxxx (accessory) or stand-alone
Programming in the I/0 Controller freely programmable with Tama in 10kHz real-time clock in Microsoft® C#, incl. axis couplings; additional asynchronous task
Programming PC TAM API for Microsoft® .NET Framework; Beckhoff TwinCAT with CNC
dimensions wxhxd 123.4x227x43mm

Documents, CAD Models and Firmware

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