Motion Engineering

Special tasks require special solutions.

In addition to assistance with commissioning and technical support for our products, Triamec offers extensive engineering services in the field of motion:

  • Software development around our servo drives. Some examples:
    • Tama programs for inverse kinematics, gain scheduling, compensations, homings etc.
    • Microsoft .NET programming (controllers, user interfaces (HMI))
    • Engine test bench
    • Testing
  • Hardware development in the area of analog, power and FPGA
    • Customer-specific, efficient I/O solutions
    • Sensor evaluations of all kinds (from tracking amplifiers to demodulators and high-speed ADCs and DACs)
    • Test Systems
  • Consulting in the field of mechanics
    • Axis design and optimization: Avoidance of resonances; balancing and mass compensation; collocation condition (optimal placement of the position sensor)
    • Bearings (especially air bearings)
  • Training and technical presentations on Triamec products and technologies
    • Basic training on products, commissioning and control technology
    • Customized trainings and workshops at the customer's site
    • Trainings and lectures at Triamec or online

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