Fraunhofer IPT

The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) in Aachen, Germany, is a leading competence center in all fields of production technology. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wenzel's department Production Machines has specialized in the field of ultra-precision technology and uses Triamec servo drives for many of their projects and machines.

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Schüssler Technik

Schüssler Technik in Pforzheim, Germany, is a manufacturer of precision drives: Bearings with the highest precision paired with their own motors and the best encoders result in an unmatched guiding precision with very high stiffness. Together with Triamec Servo-Drives, this results in a system with unsurpassed characteristics.

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Eitzenberger Luftlagertechnik GmbH

Eitzenberger Luftlagertechnik GmbH in Wessobrunn, Germany, is a well-known manufacturer of air bearing pads, axles and spindles. Together with Triamec Servo-Drives, the air bearing systems achieve highest stiffness and best guiding behavior.

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MagnetDrives AG

MagnetDrives AG is your partner when it comes to developing and implementing process-optimized motor and sensor technology - your requirements in terms of accuracy, dynamics, controllability, force, power and costs are translated into production-ready products with great experience.

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