Power Supplies

Triamec TP-Netzteile

TP series power supplies are designed for TSD series servo drives and fulfill four tasks:

  • Rectification and smoothing of the mains AC voltage
  • Netfilter Class C3
  • Brake chopper with internal or optional external resistor
  • Monitoring of the network phases

A 3-phase supply is recommended. A 1-phase supply is also possible, but leads to increased ripple on the DC bus at medium to high loads.

  • Technical Data

      TP50 TP80 TP130 TP150 TP350
    Input voltage 1x or 3x31...35VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz 1x or 3x44...56VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz 1x or 3x44...88VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz 1x or 3x44...110VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz 1x or 3x44...230VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz
    Input Current
    22 Arms max.
    requires external fuse maximum 20A, e.g. Hager NBN320
    Internal DC-bus fuse: 30A Ultra-Fast
    Switch-on current limitation (250Ω)

    Output voltage nom. 50VDC
    max. 59VDC
    nom. 80VDC
    max. 93VDC
    nom. 124VDC
    max. 142VDC
    nom. 155VDC
    max. 185VDC
    nom. 325VDC
    max. 380VDC
    Output current max. 14A (Continuous current)
    peak: 20A (30s); 25A (2s)
    Capacity 7.5mF ±20%
    Voltage limiter 57V ±2% 90V ±2% 139V ±2% 180V ±2% 375V ±2%
    Internal brake 18Ω, 5000J, Continuous power 50W (requires cooling)
    External braking resistor min. 2.5Ω min. 4Ω min. 6.5Ω min. 7.5Ω min. 15Ω
    Status/Fan supply 24 VDC ±20%
    Fan1, Fan2 Direct connection, 24V, 1A
    Communication Status out, High-Side Switch, 24V on/off, 30mA

    Subject to technical changes.

  • Dimensions

    TP80, TP150, TP350 Rev. E

    wxhxd: 68x205x181mm

  • CAD

    3D CAD Models

    Other formats on request.

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