Power Supplies

Triamec TP-Netzteile

TP series devices are designed for TSD series servo drives and fulfil five tasks:

  • Rectification and smoothing of the AC input voltage
  • Line Filter Class C3
  • Brake chopper with internal or optional external resistor
  • Inrush current limiter
  • Monitoring of the input phases (3PH Variant)

A 3-phase AC input is recommended. A 1-phase AC input is also possible, but leads to increased ripple on the DC-Bus at medium to high loads. Alternatively, a DC supply can be used, see input voltages in the table below.


BRK Connection for external breaking resistor
3PH Monitoring that three phase network is present


Configuration Examples:

TP80-NO-NO  Accepts DC, single phase AC and three phase AC input

TP80-NO-3PH Accepts only three phase AC input

TP80-BRK-3PH Has a connection for an external brake resistor and accepts only three phase AC

Technical Data

  TP50 TP80 TP130 TP350
Input voltage
1 phase AC

±10%, 50/60Hz

±10%, 50/60Hz

±10%, 50/60Hz

44...230VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz

Input voltage
3 phase AC

3x31...35VAC ±10% (L-L), 50/60Hz

3x44...56VAC ±10% (L-L), 50/60Hz

3x44...86VAC ±10% (L-L), 50/60Hz

3x44...230VAC ±10% (L-L), 50/60Hz

Input voltage DC





Input Current
22 Arms max.
requires external fuse maximum 20A, e.g. Hager NBN320
Internal DC-bus fuse: 30A Ultra-Fast
Switch-on current limitation (250Ω)
Output voltage nom. 50VDC
max. 59VDC
nom. 80VDC
max. 93VDC
nom. 124VDC
max. 142VDC
nom. 325VDC
max. 380VDC
Output current max. 14A (Continuous current)
peak: 20A (30s); 25A (2s)
Capacity 7.5mF ±20%
Voltage limiter 57V ±2% 90V ±2% 139V ±2% 375V ±2%
Internal brake 18Ω, 5000J, Continuous power 50W (requires cooling)
External braking resistor min. 2.5Ω min. 4Ω min. 6.5Ω min. 15Ω
Status/Fan supply 24 VDC ±20%
Fan1, Fan2 Direct connection, 24V, 1A
Communication Status out, High-Side Switch, 24V on/off, 30mA
Dimensions wxhxd: 68x205x181mm

Subject to technical changes.

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