Manufacturing & Quality

The manufacturing of semi-finished products takes place at our partners in Switzerland. Final assembly and testing happens at Triamec headquarters in Baar. Triamec's quality assurance is ISO 9001 certified.


Test Racks for Soft- and Hardware

Quality is of utmost importance to us. Accordingly, we manufacture our own test equipment to check the hardware. The products are subjected to both functional and thermal tests:

Functional Tests

  • Digital inputs/outputs, digital encoders
  • Analog encoder input with 2-phase DDS (bandwidth, filter characteristics, channel matching)
  • Overcurrent and safety shutdown
  • Burn-in with peak and continuous current load
  • Brake chopper test
  • STO (Correct channel separation, switch-off)
    various internal signals (voltages, statuses)
  • Trips in all quadrants

Thermal Tests

  • Burn-in with peak and continuous current load in all quadrants

  • Thermal shutdown

EMC and insulation measurements

Triamec has its own equipment for measuring wired interference (EMC) and for performing insulation tests:

  • Network simulation and spectrum analyzer
  • partial discharge measurement (<5pC)
  • Isolation measurement (5TOhm)

Software Regression Testing

A separate test rack is available for quality assurance of the software. With it, over 1000 regression tests are automatically performed, and more tests are added continuously.

All our development activities are documented in a version control system (subversion). Traceability is ensured at all times.