Lecture at 23rd Dresden's Technical Seminar of Machine Tools

Title: Adaptive Feedforward for Highly Dynamic and Ultra-precise Machining of Free-form Surfaces with 100kHz Servo Drives

Date:Monday, July 4th 2022, 15:00

Speaker: Damian Gisler, Senior Control Engineer


Increasing demands on modern production machines create a trade-off between achievable precision and throughput. With the 100kHz servo drives from Triamec, it is possible to break through existing limits and achieve higher control quality and dynamics. Here, feedforward control also plays an important role. Theoretically, systematic path errors can be completely eliminated by optimal feedforward control.

In this paper, an example is given to show how path error can be massively reduced in a repetitive process with adaptive optimization of feedforward control. These are established processes that have been successfully implemented on series machines. In the production of free-form surfaces for optical instruments, an improvement in dimensional accuracy by a factor of 10 was achieved.

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