Sine Wave and Common Mode Filter

Triamec Sinus-Filter TF

For minimum heat generation in motors or highest EMC requirements, Triamec sine-wave and common mode filters are ideal. The filters are connected between high-speed servo drive and motor.

Typical applications:

  • High-frequency tool spindles
  • EMV-sensitive applications

The cutoff frequencies can be adjusted on request, please contact us.

Technical Data

Voltage 800VDC max.

10 Arms

20 Apk

PWM Frequency 50-100kHz
Maximum Rotating Field Frequency 3'300Hz
Filter Cutoff Frequency 13'000Hz, other frequencies upon request
Motor Inductivity > 0.5mH
Environment 0 - 45°C, non-condensing
Dimensions 83 x 175 x 250 mm3 (WxHxD)

Subject to technical changes.