Tria-Link Adapter, Host PC Connection

Tria-Link PCI express Adapter TL

Tria-Link Adapter TL-HH
Tria-Link adapter TL-HH with front plate for half-height slots.

The Tria-Link PCI Express® Adapter TL establishes the Tria-Link connection between the Triamec Servo Drives and a PC.

On the host PC side, the adapters are programmed with the TAM SDK under Windows or Beckhoff TwinCAT.

TL-DMA includes DMA functionality that significantly reduces the CPU load of the PC and thus increases the real-time reliability of the Beckhoff TwinCAT controller.

This card requires a short, half-height, PCI Express x1 slot with a data width of x1 according to the PCIe-1.1 standard. All common PCs meet this requirement.

TL and TL-DMA have 8 real-time tables with a total of 524'000 entries. This allows, for example, pre-calculated, multi-axis paths to be stored and then executed. A further feature is that the path target data can be continuously reloaded. The tables are designed as FIFOs, so the paths can be of any length.

They are equipped with a Tria-Link Observer, which is accessed via USB. A notebook can be connected via the USB port for diagnostic purposes like commissioning, axis tuning and recording of process data. The application on the PC (e.g. Twin-CAT) is not disturbed.

Technical Data

DMA - Bidirectional DMA support greatly minimizes CPU load. Handled by drivers provided by Triamec, part of the above-mentioned software packs.
PC Interface PCI Express® v1.1, Lane Width 1x with 2.5Gb/s according to PCIe-1.0 standard.
Tria-Link, Fieldbus, based on a double 100Mbps Ethernet link.
Multi-Master feature allows for direct drive to drive communcation.
USB Interface / Observer USB 2.0 High-Speed Device Interface with 480Mb/s. The Observer Interface, allows the non-invasive connection of a Windows-Notebook with TAM-Explorer to the Tria-Link Network. The operator can do all tasks of commissiong, axes tuning and full speed, real time data logging (100kHz).
Power Delivered through the PC Interface, 2.5W max.
Software Triamec TAM SDK for Microsoft® .NET Framework; Beckhoff TwinCAT mit CNC
Memory 32MBytes for data buffering (Direct Feed feature and data logging).
Direct Feed 8 hard real-time tables/buffers with up to 524,000 Tria-Link packets, fully programmable number of packets to send to the connected servo-drives on the Tria-Link and programmable time step per sending. (I.e. send every 100μs two packets of data to servo-drive no. X, 1 to servo-drive no. Y)
Ordering-Variants -HH Front bracket with half height
Dimensions wxhxd 22x121x113 mm, -HH 22x80x113 mm

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