TwinCAT Integration für Drives mit Tria-Link Schnittstelle

Dokumente zur Integration von Triamec Drives mit Tria-Link Schnittstelle in eine TwinCAT Umgebung:

  • Die PLC-Bibliothek
  • Beispielcode für NCI und CNC
  • Weiterführende Dokumente

Das aktuellste Release sowie ältere Releases können heruntergeladen werden.

  • NEW: Support new TL-DMA adapter (früher als TLO400 bekannt) and fast publish for act_pos, act_err and digitalInputBits
  • NEW: Trialink.linkErrorCounter
  • (see releaseNotes for details)
  • NEW: Direct feed is now also supported with stream mode
  • CHG: Position latch is executed on drive for slow digital inputs
  • CHG: Digital inputs renamed from AuxIn1..6 to DigIn1...Dig6
  • FIX: Avoid int32 over-run in timestamp wrap situations
  • FIX: TL_MC_RegisterRead type mask
  • FIX: Switch off command
  • FIX: Prevent misleading error 069 (bugfix 11)
  • (see releaseNotes for details)
  • TL_MC_HOME supports drive controlled homing for TSD drives (FW>2087)
  • Function blocks for direct feed re-sampling added
  • Support 24V digitalInput for homing of TSD-drives (same as for old drives) (latching not in drive, but in Twincat)
  • Support for absolute Endat with TSDxxx EncoderPersistency, ReferenceDone, Digital Encoder Signals
  • (see releaseNotes for details)
  • TSD80 support TC3: add register layout 19 MC_AXIS.register2 and support for double
  • (see releaseNotes for details)
  • Support for TwinCat3, Compatibility changes for TwinCat3
  • Diagnostic logfile generated on axis errors available ...
  • (see releaseNotes for details)