Beckhoff TwinCAT Integration

With the integration of Triamec Servo Drives into the Beckhoff TwinCAT Soft PLC, an extremely powerful programming environment is available to the user. Together with the CNC extension, this is used very successfully in various applications from parallel kinematics to ultra-precision machining.

Key Data

  • CNC setpoints up to 5kHz (limited by PC performance)
  • Interpolators generate 100kHz setpoints for the Triamec servo drives
  • High-precision timing for the target data through Triamec's own synchronization
  • Nonlinear kinematics calculation
  • Spindle operation, simulation mode
  • Workspace monitoring
  • Flexible enable and homing sequences

EtherCAT or Tria-Link

Beckhoff TwinCAT CNC mit Triamec TAM
Beckhoff TwinCAT CNC with Triamec TAM

Triamec products can be coupled to a TwinCAT PC, through Tria-Link or EtherCAT.

EtherCAT is recommended for simplified integration and especially if paired with different manufacturers in the fieldbus. To integrate Triamec products into an EtherCAT system an ESI file is available. Additionally a TwinCAT library is available, to simplify register access and message handling.

Tria-Link offers more advanced features, especially the fixed 10kHz setpoint data rate. To integrate a Tria-Link into TwinCAT, the Triamec library is required. The Library has the following functions.

Beckhoff TwinCAT und Triamec TAM Datenfluss
Beckhoff TwinCAT and Triamec TAM data flow
  • Integrates Triamec devices into the PLC environment
  • Applications with structured text
  • Status monitoring, access to device registers
  • Motion commands (based on PLCopen)





The Beckhoff TwinCAT integration solution and application examples are available for download here.

Step by step integration guides can be found in the corresponding documentations here.