TwinCAT Integration for Drives with EtherCAT Interface

This archive contains documents about the integration of Triamec Drives with EtherCAT interface into a TwinCAT environment.

  • The PLC library
  • Example code for NCI and CNC
  • Related documents

The latest release and older releases can be downloaded.

  • Fixed some homing and referencePosition related problems
  • (see releaseNotes for details)
  • Sample Code for the NCI homing
  • Description for the CNC-Spindel Modul
  • Special CNC Axis Parameter "customer.val[0]" for Triamec Drives in User Guide EtherCAT
  • (see releaseNotes for details)
  • TwinCat Event messages 19-26
  • Support CSV and PV modes of operation
  • Sample codes based on ESI File Triamec1.7.xml to support cyclic extensions
  • (see releaseNotes for details)