TAM System Explorer

TAM System Explorer is the central tool for commissioning, analysis and optimization of a TAM system. It provides convenient access to the registers of all devices in the TAM system. TAM System Explorer includes a fully featured scope that can record each register of various devices in the topology at up to 100kHz clock speed. The Explorer can be operated in Master and Observer mode. TAM System Explorer also includes a module for the operation of axes as well as a tool for measuring the frequency response of an axis and the controller design using Bode methods.

Functions of TAM System Explorer

TAM System Explorer
TAM System Explorer


  • Commissioning and configuration of devices
  • Topology in the graphical register tree
  • All register values in physical SI units
  • Plugin mechanism for own modules
  • Download of Tama programs
  • Download of firmware, also in batch mode
  • Master or Observer mode
  • Can be integrated into user application

Software Oscilloscope

  • Real-time display, minimum delay
  • Drag'n'drop from any register
  • Signals up to 100kHz clock rate
  • Position markers, triggers
  • Templates for various measurement tasks
  • Interactive adjustment of the display
  • Print as well as image and data export of the scope signals
  • Optimized for color blindness

Bode Tool

  • Measurement of the frequency response of an axis
  • Analyzing the dynamic behavior of an axis
  • Position and current controller
  • Interactive design of the controllers with the Bode-Tool
  • Design of the filters in the Bode tool
  • View with Bode or Nyquist diagram

Commissioning of an axis

The TAM System Explorer is used for commissioning and optimization of an axis connected to a Triamec Servo-Drive. You will find a quick start in the following document:


TAM System Explorer is installed on the PC together with the TAM Software.